23 April 2013

Listing Extravaganza!

I'm embarrassed that I've been away for so long. Especially after paying for a blogging e-course in January. I still have yet to officially tell my friends and family about my new blog. For some reason I'm a little shy, but it's probably for the better since I've clearly lacked motivation and discipline for the past month and a half.

But, I'm back now!

And here are a few somethings I've been up to: listing for 30 days! It was so much fun to keep this little notebook full of creative lists for the month of March. I learned a lot about myself and recorded my '25-year-old-self' that I'm sure I'll love to remember in years to come. 

I also kept a gratitude journal for March, which helped me find joy even in my struggles and the daily grind. I've also started up a blog with a friend where we each post a picture and three things we're thankful for once a week. I was inspired to start it with her after reading these blogs. We're going to keep it private for a while since it's more about nurturing our friendship than displaying it for the world. She is in Colorado and I am in Rome. 

And the final project I've started on is journaling every week for a year following these guided prompts. It's always a lovely surprise in my inbox once a week to read the prompt and settle in to some intentional journaling. I've always been a journaler, ever since I received a furry pink and turquoise leopard print journal for my 8th birthday. I haven't always been consistent, but I do have a part of each year since recorded in one of my numerous journals (buying new ones is an obsession of mine). Yet I always seemed to write similar reflections or go off on the same tangent. But with the help from these prompts I'm able to reflect on parts of my life I may have overlooked. 

So, those are a few things I've been up to while I've been away. But now that's it's spring outside and the sunshine stays close by I'm more motivated to do things I've put off for far too long. 

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  1. Oh I love lists! I make so many of them. Hopefully one day I'll be able to cross some of the things off! haha

    And welcome back to the blog world! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Such a lovely comment. :-)