Hi! I'm Hannah.

I'm passionate about traveling and its legacy in my life runs deep within me. At sixteen I finally left the country for the first time and that time away would influence how the following years would flow. I've been abroad to various countries (mostly European) more times than I can now keep track of.

After college I sold my things, my car, bid my family farewell (tearful) and flew from Florida (my home-state) to Prague, Czech Republic to pursue an adventure and create an on-my-own-adult life for myself. Two years later (not very long, I know) I packed up my collection of things once again and wandered south to sunny Italy.

I've been doing various and sometimes random things while I've been here, but I'm enjoying every moment and improving my struggling-Italian-learning-abilities. I've been studying Italian, off and on, since 2008 and yet somehow I'm still only at an intermediate level. Humph!

I've been an avid blog reader since 2009, but a terribly inconsistent blogger. This is my intention to change that. 'Pursuing a Smile' is my collection of life--present adventures, past recollections, and future hopes.

This is my story.

Follow me elsewhere as I roam:

Hannah Jenness//instagram
Pursuing Prague// previous blog


  1. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful blog

    1. Thank you, Iris. I really appreciate it! It's become a hobby/obsession... :)