28 May 2013

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Almost two weeks ago I spent five wonderful days in Paris. I had been wanting to visit again for some time now (I originally went when I was 16) but when I made plans in the fall, then in March, they all fell through. But! Paris in May is fabulous! I'm so glad I waited. For the next several days I'll share bits and pieces of my trip.

First, welcome to Notre Dame.

We spent a long time inside and outside of the cathédrale. Though it was crowed (however, not to the same standard of Rome right now) I still somehow felt completely tranquil and at ease. The beauty and majesty of churches usually does that to me. I watched as people prayed and lit candles, knelt on their knees, read tiny devotionals, all while a mass of tourists gawked with their heads tilted up and mouths open. In the same moment I felt like both a pilgrim and a tourist. I couldn't believe the lighting in there! It was nothing like I had remembered. This truly is a stunning cathedral - the sincerest beauty is found on the inside. 

I'll be posting more on Paris soon! 

By the way, if you ever go to Paris in May or June, don't miss this

09 May 2013


Currently planning trips to Paris, Prague, an island off the coast of Spain, Provence, and a road trip through the Balkans (Croatia, Montenegro, and Kosovo)

Currently taking this photography e-course 

Currently reading these books

Currently deciding my forthcoming future: Boston, MA vs. Madrid, Spain 

Currently sitting on my front porch

Currently drinking iced coconut coffee

Currently hearing birds chirping and seeing white roses blooming and feeling the sun's warmth

Currently smelling this candle

Currently wishing I was a speed-reader (too many articles and blogs I want to read)

Currently improving my resume and cover letter skills

Currently remembering my AMAZING two weeks with my brother and his girlfriend (I'll post pictures soon)

Currently hopeful for new habits, new opportunities, and new encounters

Currently dreaming, "if only I had the day off, I could do......"

Picture taken at the Herculaneum Archaeological Site near Napoli, Italia 

05 May 2013

Decisions Decisions

I stand on the edge of a cliff. I'm not sure whether to jump or to turn left and walk or to turn right and walk. Once I'm in the water, should I swim or dive or float? If I walk, will the path only lead to the cliff once again farther down?

I used to be exhilarated by decisions. Just the option of having choices kept my mind wandering with the possibilities for hours. Now, as I'm getting older (at the ripe old age of 25) I am beginning to realize that choices have consequences. I have so many paths in front of me at the moment, but I know in the choosing of each one my life could take on a new future. This idea scares me.

I could move to Spain next year to teach in a high school. In the process I could learn some more about International Education, possibly even some Spanish. I could (hopefully) continue to travel, while also beginning a small business idea I have to generate more income. Who knows, I could even volunteer some of my time at a museum to keep my professionalism up-to-date. I would only be here for a year, two at the max.

I could pursue my M.A. in Museum Studies in Boston. I could find meaningful, professional work in the Boston area. Maybe even work at Anthropologie on the side. I could settle in and find a good church, a core group of friends, maybe if the time's right, a boyfriend. I could begin to pursue hobbies and passions that were a bit difficult to cultivate abroad. I could take weekend trips around New England to visit my growing group of connections from my past. I could make Boston a long-term home, or the area  around it.

I could move back home, and as in 'home' I mean Orlando. I could easily find a place to live, a church to attend, hobbies to pursue (rowing and running), and a group of mutual friends I could connect with. I could possibly find a job relatively easy. It may be a bit random at first, but I probably would enjoy it. It would be a nice change in scenery to work for Cru or Rifle Paper Co. or Relevant Magazine or even Anthropologie. And in the process I could get my foot in the door with area museums or universities with International student offices. I could even do my little business venture from here too (and from Boston for that matter). I could also make Orlando a home, since it is where I came from originally. ;)

These are my three realistic choices for the future. Now, which one to choose...they all have something in them that I want ~travel & adventure ~education & career pursuits ~family & familiarization

Oh me oh my! What do I do!?