01 March 2013

Quick get-aways from my cozy bed

When I left after a quick trip home in September, one of my good friends gave me this yellow book (above) as a parting gift. It couldn't have been a better gift! There are over twenty travel stories in each book that take you all over the world. I've gotten to to re-live journeys while lost in these pages. I lingered in the squares of Savannah. I marveled at Florida's wildlife once again. I smelled the sun in the south of France. I dove back into the intrigue of Capri. I remembered my first vulnerable days in Prague. I strolled around Bath again as my sixteen-year-old-self. I've also been inspired to visit other places that have always held my imagination. Iceland. Jordan. Romania. The list goes on.

These books are great for seasoned travelers and those filled with wanderlust. I know they say chocolate is an instant vacation (for women). But, ten minutes in one of the various travelogues in these books will surely motivate you for the rest of the day!

You can find them online, at Barnes and Noble, or at Anthropologie.

Bon Voyage!

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