09 May 2013


Currently planning trips to Paris, Prague, an island off the coast of Spain, Provence, and a road trip through the Balkans (Croatia, Montenegro, and Kosovo)

Currently taking this photography e-course 

Currently reading these books

Currently deciding my forthcoming future: Boston, MA vs. Madrid, Spain 

Currently sitting on my front porch

Currently drinking iced coconut coffee

Currently hearing birds chirping and seeing white roses blooming and feeling the sun's warmth

Currently smelling this candle

Currently wishing I was a speed-reader (too many articles and blogs I want to read)

Currently improving my resume and cover letter skills

Currently remembering my AMAZING two weeks with my brother and his girlfriend (I'll post pictures soon)

Currently hopeful for new habits, new opportunities, and new encounters

Currently dreaming, "if only I had the day off, I could do......"

Picture taken at the Herculaneum Archaeological Site near Napoli, Italia 

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