21 February 2013

the south of france ::a provincial life::

Two summers ago, in 2011, I went to visit my dear friends in Provence for the second time (the first was in 2006). I had just finished my first year of teaching in Prague and was eager to be around old friends. It was the first of my return destinations as I made my way back home to Florida after months away. Those two weeks in the south under the warmth of the sun, my casual laid-back self came out again. I felt at ease there, as I knew I would. French southern hospitality may be some of the best in the world. 

We spent days waking up late, eating breakfast outside, walking into town and market for ingredients for that evening's dinner, driving around with windows open and hair flying and music singing, we wandered together though nameless villages with no aim in mind, took pictures and laughed about old memories of Florida and France and Italy, and made plans for future ones to come in Australia and around the world. 

The photographs above are a combination of mine and my French "sister's" of a village so beautiful, but nameless in my memory. 

Here's to another summer in France this year and to a new baby girl on her way! 

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