01 February 2013

Why blog anyway? What's the point?

My history with blogging has been sporadic, but well-intentioned. I feel inspired, so I blog. I feel stressed & overwhelmed, so I don't. I take pictures that I want to share, so I blog. I feel blocked & unmotivated, so I don't. I want to remember something, so I blog. I feel protective, so I don't. And this ongoing battle between my brain and my heart (not to mention, my fingers too) has been has been raging for far too long.

I wrote in an earlier post that I often blog for a purpose (mostly travel related) and tend to neglect other daily and "this is just my life" kind of blogging. Yet, from an early age (perhaps 5 or 6) I've kept a journal, off and on, for at least part of each year since. I want to remember little things and big things. Normal days and special days. I don't want to forget. I feel a need to record, but to do it in a creative way. I guess I see blogging as a needed venture, but also whimsical & frivolous self-expression.

So, since I love making lists, this is why I blog:

1::to reflect and to remember

2::as a creative project

3::something to keep me focused and from wandering aimlessly among other blogs

4::to learn & to improve some skills--writing, photography, messing around with design

5::to always give thanks and show gratitude

6::to glorify God in all that I do

7::to inspire others to travel and live abroad

8::to motivate & encourage myself to keep on pursuing

9::to organize my previous, current, and future travels--mostly in picture form

10::to nurture my own little space for (hopefully) years to come

Photos found here and here

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