31 January 2013

Gratitude list::ABC’s::

A:: to be ALIVE

B:: the BIBLE

C:: Choice

D:: Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey
E:: Excavations

F:: Freedom

G:: Girlfriends

H:: HABITS (the good ones, at least)
I aspire to make my own jams one day. I bought a really good one, orange and cinnamon, at the Christmas market here in Milan the other day. :)
I:: Italian

J:: Jesus

K:: Keeping space open for spontenaity

L:: Laughter
M:: Mornings

N:: Nail polish

O:: Oportunity

P:: Poetry

Q:: Quiet

R:: Rome

S:: Slumber

T:: Traveling
Prague with amazing luggage!
U:: Urban gardens

V:: The Vampire Diaries

W:: Walks

X:: xoxo (kisses & hugs)
Quiet Night in Prague
Y:: Yogurt

Z:: zucchero (sugar in Italiano)

Photos found here, here, here, here, and here

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