25 January 2013

What does 'Pursuing a Smile' mean anyway?

In the past I've been solely a blog-on-occasion-for-a-purpose-kind-of-girl.

I had a blog in college when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy--that lasted about four months, five at the most. I did the blogging for a volunteer group that I was involved with, when we departed for Thailand for two months. I was in charge of group updates. And finally, I had a blog when I moved my life from Florida to Prague to teach English and accomplish my dream of living in Europe (at least for part of my life). That endeavor lasted two years, but by the end I had stopped blogging regularly as life abroad can fill up one's schedule quite quickly.

Now, almost eight months since I left Prague, I am beginning up again. This time it is my sincere hope to make this home for a long time. I'm tired of creating blogs to match what I'm doing at that particular moment. I may change countries or cities or flats a million more times, but I need some permanence in my life. Even if it is only online. I clearly have some commitment issues, with four blog start-ups in the past six years. And countless physical moves since I began college back in 2006.

So, here it is, my 5th blog and hopefully, my last. Pursuing a Smile is about my journey. I've combined Pursuing (from my Prague blog) with Smile (from my previous Italian blog) to create a home that will follow my wandering ways. In spirit, in emotion, in wonderment and adoration, in gratitude, in physical adventures, and in small moments of my life. I have always been know to be a smiling person, nicknamed 'Happy Hannah' or the-girl-constantly-smiling, so I only find it appropriate that I share my smile here too.

Come, reflect with me. Voyage with me. Pursue a smile everyday.

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