19 January 2013

Welcome to my new home online!

Hello world!

I'm so excited to be blogging again, mostly because a lot has happened since my last posting phase (found here) but also because I've missed recording my thoughts, inspirations, memories, and life.  

So, here's a quick hello! See you all again soon!

Photo 1: New Year's in Prague, CZ visiting old friends and former students
Photo 2: excruciating work to move all of my things from Milan to Rome (my least favorite days of the year are moving days without a car)
Photo 3: The Trevi Fountain~my first day in Rome was a FREE DAY to wander and explore (in the rain, however)
Photo 4: The Spanish Steps, my all time favorite spot of Rome when I first came here as a mesmerized sixteen-year-old girl and Europe virgin. First trips are magical! 

Coming in the future: why I chose this name. why I'm blogging. what I'm learning at the moment (hint::see my sidebar)

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